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Sherry Avery - A Servant's Heart

Sherry has a quiet demeanor and can be counted on to get things done. She is also someone who likes to get involved and help others.

Prior to joining Resurrection, Sherry, a grandmother and lifelong Lutheran, was a member of another congregation for thirty years. While there, her children participated in events and she helped with church youth functions and other activities as needed. She also worked in the church office.

Staying busy and involved is a big part of Sherry’s life. “If you love God, you want to give back,” she says of her willingness to help.

When Sherry joined Resurrection nearly five years ago, she said she was enjoying the fun activities that being a member provided, like euchre and group dinners, but was “looking for where I could serve.”

She has a natural inclination towards social ministries and she says that for her personally, she needed to “find a ministry that touches someone.” Resurrection was able to suggest activities that aligned with her gifts.

Her first involvement benefited the Just Neighbors Interfaith Homeless Network when she passed out grocery sacks to members after worship to collect food donations for St. Matthew’s Food Bank.

She next became involved with the church’s Social Ministry Committee and was a key participant in that committee.

Sherry is also the person church member’s count on each week to gather and deliver the collected food donations to St. Matthew’s Food Bank.

You have your own set of unique gifts that the church can help you identify and apply. Your involvement helps the church and community thrive while at the same time providing you with the fulfillment that comes from giving back.

As Sherry says, “Offer to help if you know that there are things that need to be done.”

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