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Small Groups


At Resurrection we encourage people to lead and/or join a small group.  This helps people feel connected to each other even though they may not have a connection with everyone. 

We start small groups 3 times a year:  January, Summer, and Fall.  We have anywhere from 5-15 groups meeting at any one time.  The groups are formed around some passion that a group of people have with a leader that is willing to gather the group.  There are only three rules: 

  • Meet about what you are passionate about

  • Have some devotion/prayer time

  • Do a group service project at least once a session

Below are some of our small groups currently offered.  Contact the church office if you would like more information on joining any of these or starting a new small group.

Dinner and Chill.jpg

EYA "Dinner and Chill"

Young Adults meet, eat, and talk.

If you are an adult between the ages of 18 and 35, you are invited to our monthly Engaging Young Adults group “Dinner and Chill” — which is a chance to come to the church, eat, and hang out with other young adults.



Meets at RLC and other churches

It's baseball with darts!  Our team competes with other churches in the Fort Wayne area.

Black Gym Shoes


Meets at RLC

Twice a week classes on Sundays and Wednesdays.  There is a cost for each class.

WW (2).jpg


Meets at RLC

From September thru May.  Meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays (surprise!) of every month at 10A.  All women invited to learn from, lean on, and support each other!  Children welcome too.

Friends Eating Dinner


Meets at various restaurants

Let's eat! This fun "over-40" group goes to dinner together once a month.  Just sign up at church if you want to join in.

Playing Cards


Meets at RLC and members' homes.

One Sunday evening a month, get together to play euchre. 



Meets at RLC

From September thru May.  Meets on Wednesdays.  All ages/voices welcome!

Meat and Cheese Sandwich


Meets at various restaurants

Retired ladies meet one Friday a month for lunch.  Husbands can come too!

Reading Books Makes You Better


Meets at members' homes.

One Wednesday evening a month, get together to discuss a pre-selected book.



Meets at RLC

From September thru May.  Meets on Wednesdays.  No chimes experience necessary!

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