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Youth Group


Who we are

 A group of 6-12th graders from several different schools who welcome anyone to join us.  Our members often bring friends along to meetings, outings, service projects, retreats and summer trips.  We like to attend each other’s sporting, show choir, band or other club events.  We are tech savvy so we communicate with the youth and parents through many platforms, allowing them to use what works best for them.

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RLC Youth Mission Statement


Each fall the youth collaborate to define their mission and write a new mission statement.  The current mission statement is “We are a family who will love, support and grow together.”

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When we meet


 We typically meet once a week on Sunday’s from 12-2.  If we are volunteering or doing an outing we may meet on a different day or at a different time.  Each week we either do a service project, cook together and play games, go on an outing or eat together and have an extended devotion. We are active in the Indiana-Kentucky Synod including attending retreats for middle school and high school, the annual Bishop’s Day and the Youth Leadership Summit.  Our youth are very active in our church, community and synod.  Last year the youth volunteered a total of almost 600 hours!

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What we’re all about


Resurrection has a very active youth program.  We focus on raising each other up, not tearing each other down. Our youth know that we expect them to treat all members as equals and love each other even when they disagree.  Each year our youth share what they would like to do for outings, devotions, meals, service projects, trips etc. 


Our summer trips


 We are currently on a 3 year rotation for summer trips. 

  • Year 1 we go on a service trip within the US

  • Year 2 we go on an international service trip

  • Year 3 we attend the ELCA Youth Gathering. 

The summer of 2016 we went to Cleveland Ohio and worked for the Lutheran Men’s Ministry Men’s Shelter downtown, and volunteered for Erie Metro Parks.  Our first international trip was through Group Missions in 2017.  We went to the Dominican Republic and worked with Mission Twenty-Five 35.  2018 we attended the ELCA National Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas.  In 2019 we went on a service trip in Upper Michigan.  Over winter break we did an international service trip in Puerto Rico.

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