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Bill Braun - Acceptance/Volunteer

At 6’ 5”, Bill is a large presence at Resurrection. It isn’t just his height that makes Bill stand out. He is the type of person you probably would notice going about the work of Resurrection even without his grand stature because he is involved in so many things.

“Before we attended Resurrection, we did not have a regular church home,” Bill explains. “Ever since that first visit with my family, I felt like I found my home. It was made clear to us that we were welcome here. We became members in 2008 and have been here ever since. It feels comfortable.”

It is ironic that Bill mentions comfort, because one thing that he credits Resurrection with is getting him out of his comfort zone. “Over time, I kept volunteering to help with different things like music, vacation bible school, worship and church council. Sometimes I would discover that the thing I tried was not my thing, but that just meant I should try something else. Being a member here has led me to try things I would not have ever tried before.”

Bill says that one of his great joys is seeing his sons, Zach and Josh, volunteer and help with things at church. “I would encourage people to never be afraid to try something here at church. I always have peace of mind because of the acceptance and sense of community here. Also, knowing that pastor, the staff and congregation will always be there for you— that’s what means  the most to me about Resurrection.”  

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