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Making the Most of Online Opportunities

Wendy Wierzbowski

Making the Most of Online Opportunities

Wendy is quiet but full of warmth that shines through when she shares a smile. Worship is an important part of Wendy’s life. It has always been that way for her.

When Covid-19 hit, Wendy began searching for a way to worship and feel connected while sheltering at home. This led to her watching online services and communicating with a variety of churches via e-mail and phone calls. Some churches told her she could only view the service as a recording. Others told her to email someone at the church weekly to get a copy of the recording. Some churches were live streaming, but not consistently. After encountering many barriers, one Sunday morning Wendy came across Resurrection’s live Facebook® feed of the worship service. She kept tuning in because she enjoyed the liturgy, the ease of accessing the live feed and receiving the bulletin in advance. She also liked the sense of community she felt, even while worshiping from her home. “Pastor Will made it a point to address the people who were watching through Facebook. It made me feel acknowledged,” Wendy says.

“I like the way Resurrection responded to the pandemic,” Wendy says. “The way the church was so moldable to the changes that needed to happen was great. It was a nice way to meet the needs of everyone.”

Wendy says that the first Sunday that people could attend worship, she made it a point to show up in person. She also showed up and pitched in as a volunteer for a church work day. Now she regularly attends worship, has become a member, brings friends with her to church and looks forward to contributing to Resurrection’s ability to be somewhere that is a place for everyone.

Wendy felt included and welcomed because Resurrection’s staff and members made an effort to pivot to meet the needs that arose during the pandemic while remaining welcoming to all. Thank you to those who contributed to providing online worship opportunities and made an effort to reach out to visitors and online worshippers. It helps people like Wendy feel welcomed and connected.

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