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A Resurrection Story

Kenric & Betty McCrory

Betty and Ken are energetic and can often be seen interacting with their grandchildren. In fact, family interaction and the church’s Christian education program are the main reasons they joined Resurrection over two decades ago.

“It was very welcoming,” Betty says of Resurrection. “And there were other children the same age as ours. It was very easy to just jump right in.”

Ken and Betty both feel that the move to the current location has been good for the church. “With all of the housing being built in this area, there is so much opportunity for the church to work with the community,” Betty says.

The need to feel connected to the local community again after the months of Covid isolation is why Betty and Ken volunteered to help operate Resurrection’s booth at Huntertown’s Halloween at the Park last fall. “It was outside, so it was something that the community felt comfortable attending,” Ken says. “It had been awhile since we had done anything like that. It felt like a celebration.” The McCrorys invited their daughter and granddaughters to help, enjoying the benefits of combining church and family activities as they have always done.

“It was so much fun to volunteer with our daughter and grandchildren that we want to do it again,” Ken says enthusiastically. The event, which was attended by hundreds of visitors, was a huge success and represents just one of the many ways that members of Resurrection continue to connect with our local community. Thank you to all who volunteer to help with community events. It really helps to strengthen connections and to be servants for the community.

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